Alvaro Osborne


Alvaro Osborne, born in 1974, comes from an old Spanish family where horses have been playing always an important role.
He was fascinated not only by the Spanish horses, especially the classical dressage and training of young horses always inspired him.

Already at a young age he was able to train and compete horses for well-known Spanish studs.
Very soon he educated dressage horses from youngster prospects up to the
Grand Prix level. Alvaro showed horses at the "Campeonato de Espana de Caballos Jovenes", the Spanish equivalent of the German National Championships, as well as further educated horses up to Grand Prix.

Not only in Spain, but also abroad (eg Dubai) he has been successfully active
as an instructor for horses and riders.

In 2012 he moved with his wife Christine to Germany.
In Thedinghausen, near Bremen, the two are operating since a successfully
small sales and education stable. Alvaro has here fulfilled his dream to educate talented horses and riders according to the broad of classical education.
For him, the horses are in the focus of the education and are getting produced individually with patience and time.

In his small hand-picked collection of training and selling horses can be
found youngsters next to talented solidly trained athletes for the upper
dressage level who also bring the quality for the international dressage sport
(Grand Prix).
The blend of professional horse management and his fine sensitive manner
to respond on each individual horse personality, ensures that demanding
customers from home and abroad are sending horses for training or are coming
to the Osborne stable for to find here among the horses for sale new partners
for the sport.

In addition to the training of horses Alvaro applies special attention to the
training of young riders.
His particular "Horsemanship" makes itself also here noticeable. He gets to understand his students not only the pure art of dressage, but also the
understanding of the horse, and therefore a sensitive riding.
Riders from Germany and Spain, but also from Poland, Finland and Sweden
are coming for to train with Alvaro.